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NOTE:  For the past several months, we have had numerous reports of email issues.  We know for sure that some emails sent to us are not getting through while some that we have sent to others have also not gotten through. 

We believe this is due to changes in server-level anti-spam rules that are beyond our direct control.    If you have sent an email to us and have not gotten a reply, please use our alternate gmail address:  circuitwerkes (at) gmail {dot} com.

The Electronic Solutions Source

CircuitWerkes manufactures high quality electronic gear for professional broadcasting and industrial users. Our product line includes Web-enabled control and monitoring products, several varieties of telephone couplers, DTMF receiving gear, Subaudible (25 and 35 or 50 and 75 Hz) tone decoders & generators, DTMF operated dial up controls and more. Our product line is constantly expanding and we're very grateful to everyone who has bought our products and/or helped us think of new product ideas to serve you better. In addition to our regular product line, CircuitWerkes also makes custom OEM equipment that is designed to your specifications. For information about custom designs, click here.

We currently have information about many of our products, news about events or product updates that may be of interest to our customers, as well as copies of all our current technical manuals available on-line for you to download and view.

If you would like to leave a comment, note, or ask a question, you can reach us by e-mail from our Contact page.


Recipient of the 1st Radio Magazine Innovative Product Award for the Sicon-8 Web & dial-up enabled Remote Control

Radio World Cool Stuff 2009 Award for the Silence Sentinal
Web-enabled remote audio monitor with relay outputs.