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Support for Discontinued Gentner products (downloadable PDF manuals)

Please note: CircuitWerkes does not make, nor does it own/sell, any of the products formerly made by Gentner Communications Corp. Because we do make some products that are similar to the old Gentner line of products, the nice people at ClearOne Communications (owners of the Gentner brand) have recommended that their customers call us for replacement products.

ClearOne Communications has also made some of the technical manuals, formerly hosted on their website, available to us so that we can provide them to you as a public service. We do not sell any service parts or supplies for Gentner products nor do we service any Gentner products.

NOTE: You must have Acrobat Reader 3.0 or higher to read these files.
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  • Gentner Microtel Microphone and line level to telephone mixer.
  • Gentner TC-100 AutoCoupler & DTMF Controller.

These manuals have generally printed amazingly well on a variety of printers, however, they are not absolutely guaranteed to print faithfully on every type of printer. If the printed output doesn't look like what you see on your screen try a different printer of printer driver.

For information about CircuitWerkes products, please visit our website at www.circuitwerkes.com or contact us

For support or information regarding other ClearOne products, please visit them at www.clearone.com