CircuitWerkes DS-8 DTMF Sequence Decoder

Shown without optional rack mount

Bridge the DS-8 across your audio source and get eight individually programmable relay outputs. The DS-8 is excellent for controlling VTRs and local spot insertions. Individually programmable closures are the key. Each relay can be set for one, two, three, or four digit code(s). Each relay can easily (and independently) be programmed to operate in one of three modes; momentary, latching, or interlocked latching. If a relay is set for momentary operation, it provides a momentary closure upon hearing its programmed code of one to four DTMF digits. In Latching mode, the relay turns on with one code and off with another. Interlocked latching mode is similar to latching mode except that an energized relay (that's been set up as interlocked latching) will be turned off when another interlocked latching relay is energized. Of course the OFF code works too. You can set up the relays in any mixture of modes and code lengths. You can even reprogram your relays remotely if you know the programming code. The DS-8 mounts to the wall or can be rack-mounted in a 1 RU space with our inexpensive rack mount kit. Optional custom preprogramming of the default relay codes is available. The default relay codes take effect when a user initiates a hardware reset.

> Each of the eight relays are independently programmable for codes and mode.
> Powered RJ-11 jack allows easy programming with any DTMF phone.
> The DS-8 can be remotely programmed over the audio cue channel, if desired, allowing you to change functions and codes remotely.
> High impedance, unbalanced, bridging input allows the DS-8 to listen to almost any audio source.
> Wide input signal range.
> High quality metal enclosure can be wall or table mounted. Optional, low cost, rack mount (1RU) available.
> All connections on screw terminals