AC-12 Rack Mounted Bank of Couplers

Now you can fit up to a dozen full featured telephone autocouplers in 5" of rack space

The AC-12 rack mounted coupler bay is ideal for replacing that wall full of individual telephone couplers. You can fit up to twelve full-featured autocouplers in a three-RU (5") rack space. When you install the AC-12, you can eliminate the problems and mess of multiple coupler boxes and wires that you used to need for serious telephone distribution and production. The AC-12's card frame features a two channel audio buss that can be accessed with the flick of a switch from any of the individual couplers. If you want to take a separate program feed from an individual coupler, the audio select switch allows you instant access to the coupler card's independent audio port without affecting buss audio. As you might have guessed, sending audio to the couplers is easy. All you have to do is connect your source to one of the AC-12's two, bridging, buss inputs, set the coupler switch to the buss you want, adjust the level (a one-time adjustment) and you're ready to send. If you ever need to feed a second program down some of your lines, you'll wonder how you ever lived without the second audio buss. Not only can you send two feeds simultaneously, you can also leave a second source permanently wired to the coupler. There's no need to build an external switcher for your second audio feed when you have the AC-12. 


Auto-answer/Auto-disconnect operation

> Automatic or manual control 
> Two bridging, balanced input, switchable, busses for audio distribution  
> Coupler cards can be removed or installed while powered without affecting the operation of other couplers
> Each coupler card has an individual audio connection with level trim for special feeds, like IFB.
> LED indicators for incoming ring, on-line, clipping and power  
> Strappable input attenuator accepts a wide range of input signals
> Each coupler has its own relay isolated, user selected, momentary or latching dry contacts when it connects
> Uses common parts. No microprocessors on the original AC-1 series 
> Two year parts and labor warranty standard  
> FCC part 68 type approved for dial-up voice lines
> Automatic signal limiting  
> Easy installation & detailed manual 
> Coupler cards are individually voltage regulated for reliability. Some AC-1 couplers have been in use for over 15 years!
> Ring counter feature lets you select on which ring each coupler answers.
> Remote pickup and hang-up control 
> Remote ring and on-line indicators
> Attractive smoked Plexiglas front cover allows viewing of indicators with cover on.
> Power supply included
> All IC's socketed for easy maintenance & quick repairs

At the heart of the AC-12 is the AC-1 autocoupler card. Now available in two versions, both offer a host of features not found on any other coupler at any price. The AC-1s can do it all. Both local and remote manual controls let you operate the coupler from anywhere. The AC-1's status indicators for ring, online, power and clipping are visible through the smoked front cover, making it easy to tell the status of each card. Remote outputs for ring and online are also available on the back of each card. A user selectable, momentary or latching, dry relay contact closure occurs whenever the coupler comes on-line. The AC-1 offers a ring counter feature that let's you select on which ring each coupler will answer.  

The newest addition to the AC-1 family is the AC-1h. Featuring a simple active hybrid, the AC-1h provides an active, balanced, audio output and a bridging, balanced, audio input that is ideal for IFB feeds from intercom systems and any other system that needs a bridging feed. Depluggable screw terminals give you easy access to the local audio input and outputs. An active audio limiter gently prevents telephone line overload while maintaining optimum "send" levels so callers will have no trouble picking up audio from your couplers. The AC-1h includes gain controls for both local send and receive levels. Designed from scratch in 2008, the AC-1h is microprocessor controlled and adds even more features beyond the original AC-1 coupler series.

Both the original AC-1 and the AC-1h are available now.

If you currently have a bunch of couplers stuck on a wall or a rack shelf, you'll appreciate the neat, space saving benefits of the AC-12. You may be shocked to realize just how much space (not to mention headaches) that you can save with the AC-12. With it's many features, ease of use and attractive design, you might expect to pay a lot for an AC-12, but you'll find it remarkably affordable... probably a lot less than a similar number of single couplers. Call your favorite CircuitWerkes dealer for more information and pricing.

AC-1 Coupler Card with Legend

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