CircuitWerkes Sen-6 Subaudible Tone Encoder

Sen-6 shown without optional rack mount.

Need a handy and unobtrusive way to automate programs from another location? No problem with the CircuitWerkes SEN-6. Never before has a single channel encoder capable of generating industry standard subaudible tones been available, let alone one with so many handy features. No more buying expensive stereo encoders and mixing single frequency encoders together to get more than one frequency output!

The SEN-6 is a single channel encoder with integral audio filtering that can produce 25Hz, 35Hz and combination tones from external closures. 50Hz & 75Hz tones can also be generated*. A special test mode and output lets you set tone insertion levels without having to send the tones over the regular program path. The encoder has inputs for all six tones & a disable mode. The disable function lets you add an external watchdog timer or device to prevent accidental tones at unexpected times. The SEN-6 is perfect for networks or stations to provide automation tones over Satellite, ISDN, RPU, etc. Suggested list price is only $399.00.

Finally, there's a great way to generate the tones that you need to automate your program feeds.

> Encodes 25, 35 & 25/35 combination tones (can also generate 50 & 75Hz*).
> Separate trigger inputs for all six tones.
> Tunable notch filters remove subaudible content from program material prior to tone insertion.
> LED indicators for tones, input set, output clipping & power.
> Accepts either balanced or unbalanced audio input.
> Logic level remote indicators for all tones
> Adjustable input, output & tone levels.
> Jumper settable tone duration from .75 to 2 secs & 10 second test mode.
> Uses standard 1/4" TRS (headphone style) jacks for input & output audio.
> Primary output & power connections are on both screw terminals and Db-9 connectors for easy hookup.
> Enable input lets you (or your automation system) prevent unwanted tone generation