CircuitWerkes Sub-03 Subaudible Tone Decoder

Sub-03 shown without optional rack mount

Need to decode subaudible tones for you station? No problem with the CircuitWerkes Sub-03.

You can use the Sub-03 to automate your network feeds or take the guess work out of when to cut away from networks. The decoder listens to your network audio and gives you dry contact closures from any service that sends subaudible tones including satellites, RPUs, ISDN loops and more! The Sub-03's relay contacts interface easily with your automation system. The Sub-03 accepts a wide range of input audio signals and its fully adjustable, active, balanced output can be used to feed your equipment. Internal filters greatly reduce the presence of tones in the output. The Sub-03 is a reliable and inexpensive problem solver. For those services supplying 50 Hz & 75 Hz tones, the Sub-03 may be ordered configured from the factory set for those frequencies at no additional charge. The Sub-03 is packaged in an all metal enclosure that can be desk mounted, hung on a wall, or with the rack mounted using the optional mounting plate. As with all CircuitWerkes broadcast products, the Sub-03 is covered by our two year warranty.

The CircuitWerkes SEN-6 is the compliment to the Sub-03 for your subaudible tone encoding needs.

With over a 25 years of decoding experience, the Sub-03 is trusted by more major networks and stations worldwide than any other!
Accept no false claims; only CircuitWerkes decoders are proven ultra-reliable, even on noisy channels with suppressed tone injection.

The CircuitWerkes Sub-03 tone decoder is a great way to get the relay closures that you need to automate your network feeds.

> Microprocessor controlled for greater reliability and noise immunity.
> Dry relay closure outputs.
> Decodes 25, 35 & 25/35 combination tones. May also be ordered configured for 50/75Hz operation at no extra cost.
> Combination tones do not activate 25 or 35 outputs.
> Provides a balanced output minus the tones.
> Accepts either balanced or unbalanced audio input.
> Indicators for all tones, input set, output clipping & power.
> Adjustable input & output gain.
> Enable input lets you (or your automation system) prevent unwanted closures.
> Uses standard 1/4" TRS (headphone style) jacks for input & output audio.
> Primary output & power connections are on both screw terminals and Db-9 connectors for easy hookup.