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Custom & Private Label Projects

CircuitWerkes designs and fabricates both custom and private label electronics as well as modified versions of our regular designs. Click here to learn more.

CircuitWerkes Price List

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Picture Description List Price
Telephone Coupler
                                                Bay AC-12
Rack-mounted bank of up to 12 autocouplers (AC-1s) with dual audio busses.
Available Options: AC-12 PS, AC-12 PSC, AC-12 PSE
$409.00 (AC-12)
AC-1G Coupler AC-1
Coupler cards for AC-12. External pickup & release triggers, talleys for ring online, audio clipping, and a SPDT relay configurable for mom or latching at P/U.
Available Options: CP-1
$225.00 (AC-1)
Hybrid Coupler for
                                                AC-12 AC-1h
Coupler cards for AC-12 with most features above and adding microprocessor control, active hybrid, send audio active limiter, and active balanced audio I/O.
Available Options: CP-1
$235.00 (AC-1h)
Telco Call Progress
                                                Decoder CP-2
Stand-alone call progress decoder works with any coupler device.
Available Options: None
$195.00 (CP-2)
                                                serial delay DC-232D
9600b adjustable serial data delay. Sync RDS to HD delays or sync serial data to profanity delays.
$329.00 (DC232D)
DR-10 Remote
                                                CTRL DR-10
Dial-up remote control with audio pass through. Rack mount included.
Available Options: CP-1, Silencer
$399.00 (DR-10)
DTMF Sequence
                                                decoder DS-8
DTMF multi-tone sequence decoder.
Available Options: Silencer, RM-01, RM-02
$299.00 (DS-8)
DTMF decoder w/16
                                                outputs and serial DTMF-16
Deluxe DTMF tone decoder. Fully programmable single or sequence decoder
Available Options: Silencer, RM-01, RM-02
$259.00 (DTMF-16)
DT-232 DT-232
Dial-up, password protected, DTMF control with simple audio interface, fully programmable bi-directional DTMF to RS-232 converter & 4 relay outputs.
Available Options: RM-01, RM-02
$299.00 (DT-232)
ENDEC* Controller.
Available Options: RM-01

*Endec is a trademark of Sage Alerting Systems, Inc. CircuitWerkes is not affiliated with Sage in any way.
Discontinued (EAS-4)
Genr8 GENr8
DTMF tone encoder / generator
Available Options: RM-01, RM-02
$279.00 (GENr8)
HC-3 Telco Coupler HC-3 (formerly AC-3)
Hybrid telephone autocoupler
Available Options: CP-1, C-LOCK2, RM-01, RM-02
$279.00 (HC-3)
Mictel MicTel
Portable amplified Mic/Line to telephone interface
Available Options: None
$345.00 (MicTel)
Multiple relay
                                                outputs with logic
                                                functions pREX
Programmable relay expander which accepts a wide variety of input signals and converts them to contact closure outputs.
Available Options: PB-66, RM-01
$279.00 (pREX)
Add multiple
                                                relays REX
An inexpensive relay multiplier with 6 inputs and 24 outputs
Available Options: PB-66, RM-01
$189.00 (REX)
Subaudible tone encoder with balanced, filtered output.
Available Options: RM-01
$449.00 (SEN-6)
Sicon-8 SiCon-8
Talking, recordable remote control with Web server and software.
Available Options: SX-8 Expander Chassis, Individual spare PCBs or Spare PCB Kit
$1,589.00 (SiCon-8)
WAM-2 (Formerly the Silence Sentinal
Web Server based audio viewer with control outputs and multi-site monitoring software. Stereo or dual mono. Streaming audio option.
Available option: Shelf-1
$319.00 (WAM-2)
$419.00 (w/streaming)
SIL-2 Silencer II
Stand-alone, muted, 50ms, 7kHz bw, audio delay removes DTMF tones.
Available Options: RM-01, RM-02
$199.00 (SIL-II)
Silencer - 3
Stereo (Dual Channel) digital DTMF mute. 20kHz audio & 80dB SNR.
$299.00 (SIL-3)
SiteSentry2 & SiteSentry2S (Streaming option)
Two Channel, Web only, Remote Control/monitor with software
Available Options: Shelf-1
$359.00 (SS2)
449.00 (SS2 Streaming)
  SiteSentry4 SiteSentry4 & SiteSentry4S (Streaming option)
FourChannel, Web only, remote Control/
monitor with software. Includes real-time clock with scheduler & alarm system.
Available Options: Shelf-1
$419.00 (SS4)
$519.00 (SS4 Streaming)
SUB-03 Sub-03
25/35/combo subaudible tone decoder w/balanced, filtered audio output.
Available Options: RM-01
$419.00 (SUB-03)
Dial-up Remote Control with audio pass-through. Inexpensive alternative to the DR-10 with fewer functions and outputs but some added new features.
$319.00 (TAC-5)

Multi-line telephone ringer interface. Detects incoming rings for up to 6 lines & converts them to relay outputs.
Available Options: RM-01

$289.00 (TELCO-6)
TelTap TelTap
Manual telephone coupler and passive telephone listener. Send half-duplex audio to/from any POTS telephone line.
Available Options: None
$99.00 (TelTap)
Transcon-16 Transcon-16
Transports contact closures, bi-directionally, over any 3-wire cable. 16 buffered inputs to 16 relay outputs. Used in pairs only. Custom designed for a major network but priced for the smallest budget.
Available Options: Shelf-1
$279.00 (TC-16)
WAM-2 WAM-2 (Two channel Web-enabled audio monitor)
Web Server based audio viewer with control outputs and multi-site monitoring software. Stereo or dual mono. Streaming audio option.
Available option: Shelf-1
$319.00 (WAM-2)
$419.00 (w/streaming)

WAM-6 WAM-6 (Six channel, Web eneabled,Audio Monitor)
Web Server based audio viewer with control outputs and multi-site monitoring software. Stereo or dual mono. Streaming audio option.
Available option: Shelf-1
$399.00 (WAM-6)
$509.00 (w/streaming)
COMING SOON! WASP-RX Basic network audio receiver. Decodes Shoutcast/Icecast network audio streams in standard mp3 or open-source Ogg-Vorbis format. Balanced audio out with 2 Web controlled auxiliary relays and status inputs.
RM-01, RM-02
$209.00 (WASP-RX)

Limited-Production Products: Limited, or semi-Production products are fully built and tested, but are made in limited quantities. They may not always include complete instructions or printed enclosures. Some may be built PCBs only.
Call for details SRE-16 & SRD-16
Converts contact closures to 1200 or 9600b serial data & sends, one way, over any 3-wire cable including satellite links. 16 buffered inputs to 16 relay outputs.
Used by radio networks in the USA and Canada to encode & transport contacts via satellite data channels. The SRE-16 is also available in a cardcage version with multiple serial outputs.
Call for details Cardcage FSK Encoders & Decoders. Fits CircuitWerkes Componant bay (up to 12 cards). Send & receive serial data (150b to 1200b) over standard audio channels.
Call for details Stand-alone FSK tranceiver PCB Send & receive serial data (150b to 1200b) over audio channels. Works bidirectionally at 150b or as either a TX or RX at 1200b.

AC-12 PS
Additional wall power supply for AC-12 frame.
$40.00 (AC-12 PS)
Click here AC-12 PSC
Additional power supply card for AC-12 frame.
$185.00 (AC-12 PSC)
Additional European power supply card for AC-12 frame.
$60.00 (AC-12 PSE)
Click here CP-1
Call progress decoder daughterboard for AC-1, DR-10, and HC-3.
$119.00 (CP-1)
Combo-lock for stand alone HC-3. Provides security with up to 8 digit password required to access the coupler. Causes the coupler to hang up in 10 seconds if no password is entered.
$99.00 (C-LOCK2)
CW PB-66
Telco cable & punch block option for pREX and REX.
$125.00 (CW PB66)
Additional standard CW power supply. Specify product at purchase.
$25.00 (CW PS)
Rack mount for single device. Specify product at purchase.
$39.00 (RM-01)
Dual rack mount for two devices. Specify product (HC-3, DS-8, DTMF-16, DT-232, GENr8, HC-3, SIL-II) at purchase.
$43.00 (RM-02)
Rack mount shelf for single or double half-rack products like the TC-16
$40.00 (Shelf-1)
SiCon Spare Modules
Spare PCB Modules for the Sicon-8 remote c
ontrol. Includes Voice Codec, Relay PCB, Web Server (8-bit) & MPC-4 telco interface. Individual PCBs also Available
$355.00 (Sicon Spares)
Click here Silencer
Muted audio delay (50ms, 7kHz bw) removes DTMF tones. Available as a daughterboard for the DR-10, DS-8, and DTMF-16.
$185.00 (Silencer)

Eight channel expander chassis for the Sicon-8. Adds additional metering, status and control to the Sicon-8 bringing the total available channels to 16.
$719.00 (SX-8)